About us

Spacified is a new platform that connects renters and lenders of temporary spaces. On our platform, Guests (renters) can easily specify their space request while the Hosts (lenders) can offer any of their (empty) spaces for temporary rental. A pop-up shop, a flexible office desk or an unique event location? Spacified helps designers, brands or startups to find the temporary physical space they need.

Our mission


Our mission is to enable a responsible and creative usage of physical space.

We are strongly committed to enable a more efficient use of physical space. Worldwide, there are millions of buildings that are underutilized but not easily accessible due to fixed contracts, long-term commitments and many other barriers. We believe that short-term renting can be a win-win situation for space owners and creative people looking for temporary spaces to launch new ventures, shops or events.

Spacified was founded in 2012 in Hasselt, Belgium (that's in Europe) by a team of entrepreneurs with a background in running Internet businesses. We encountered ourselves how difficult it is for starting brands, designers or professionals to find the right physical space to test products, create awareness, test locations or have a professional workspace. We want to make the world of physical spaces as accessible and flexible as the virtual world. Because anything is a space!

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Spacified for Guests

Launch your request - simple and free

Simply spacify - oops, specify - what kind of physical space you are looking for in a few words. Whether you need a storefront, an officedesk or an event location, it will only takes a few minutes.

Matchmaking made easy

Your request will be answered by our Hosts with their most creative proposal. You pick the Host that suits you best and engage with him personally through our platform.

Flexible short-term renting

Spacified only connects you with Hosts open for temporary rentals. No endless searches and conversations, our Hosts are happy to support your request.

Request a space

Spacified for Hosts

Improve your occupancy rate

We encourage hosts to open their spaces for temporary rentals. Spacified connects you with new creative initiatives or people who can spice up your location.

Creative matchmaking

Based on the rental request, you decide if you want to make a bid with your space. The insight in the actual request empowers you to make your best possible proposal.

Set your own discretion

A very special location? Spacified empowers (non-commercial) spaces to remain ‘discrete’. You only reply to the ‘space requests’ that match your location without offering your location wide-open for rental.

List a space