Spacified helps you find the perfect locations for your brand activation campaign.

Brand & Advertisers:

Looking for stress and hassle free activation and event locations at high traffic venues? SPACIFIED provides you with an easy-to-use platform to roll out your brand activation campaigns across multiple venues and locations in just a click. Our activation platform gives you a clear view on all the possibilities, requirements and target audience while it also brings together all paperwork and documentation needs.

Specialty Leasing & Pop-ups:

Launching a new sales channel or trying out a new and attractive brand? SPACIFIED manages a large network of specialty leasing locations and booths across some of the most interesting high footfall consumer destinations. Our Experienced team will help you launch in no-time and have you kickstart your sales concept.

From a pop-up perspective, our background has always been to bring together pop-up locations and help pop-up brands and venue owners to easily work together. That’s what we still do today.

Venues & Destinations:

We create a new revenu stream, generating additional income and profits from experiential campaigns. Marketing, promoting, selling and following up on all administration for the promotional & specialty leasing space at your venue, without any extra efforts for your team. If you’re interested in our business and want to learn more about our Experiential Media approach, contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.